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Call us crazy, but we can't solve your organization's most pressing needs by talking about ourselves. If you want testimonials and references, just ask! But our most important success story is still being written with you.

Still want to know our origin story? Keep reading.

Our Story: About
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Did you know that marketers have a trust factor with the general public of about 3%? Worse yet, 80% of CEOs don't even trust their own internal marketing teams.

Marketing is a profession ripe for disruption. That's where the idea for POUNCE was born. We are a full pride of creatives, strategists and problem solvers with a long history of working together, and a commitment to doing things better.

We sat on your side of the table, as a client in need of bandwidth. We hired consultants - from freelancers to legacy agencies - to fill a wide range of strategic and tactical needs.

All too often, the boutique agencies were too small to deliver and the dinosaur agencies were too big to be flexible. We are the Goldilocks option.

Dinosaur agencies are often:

  • Opaque in who is doing the work (fun fact: they outsource to us!);

  • Incentivized to pitch services you don't need at inflated prices (to justify their overhead);

  • Run by lawyers and contracts.

Boutique firms often:

  • Are subject specialists geared to only address their area of interest;

  • Charge by the hour to protect their time - not your satisfaction;

  • Lack the bench strength to juggle deadlines and emergency needs.

POUNCE operates with TLC:

  • Transparent: you'll always know exactly who is working on your project, and have detailed reports to ensure its performance.

  • Lean: our team is fully decentralized and remote, meaning no overhead or pricey retainer fees. Also, everyone on your account wants to be there: you set the budget and we'll assemble a coalition of enthusiastic contributors;

  • Comprehensive: we offer marketing services for any organization type or stage, from launch to refresh, growth and beyond.

Every day, we stretch our paws to build stronger relationships with the clients we serve. We are the natural evolution of marketing and business consulting services. POUNCE is robust enough to disrupt the outdated agency model by leveraging the best aspects of the gig economy.

Our Story: About Us


A pawfectly reasonable question.

We love cats and you should too. Even if you don't, here's why you want a marketing team with catlike reflexes:

  • We're purrsistent. Marketing is a long game and you need partners who are willing to give all nine lives on your behalf.

  • We move with the sunny spot. Effective tactics change quickly but we can keep your messaging and channels in the sweet spot.

  • We know when to be fierce, charming or playful. There's a reason why the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. We bring the appropriate energy to every client project. It's our job to define or deeply understand your brand, customers and message.

  • Our work always lands on its feet. Client satisfaction is our only measure of success. If we pounce and miss the mark, we'll continue hunting until everyone succeeds.

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Our Story: Welcome
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